Colours and fonts! (Front Cover)

All of these front covers contain similar elements of the colours and fonts used. They all revolve around the image of the model; they use big bubble fonts and girly colours such as pink and baby blue. These magazines are fashion related however they appeal to my tarket market of 14 to 17 year olds; therefore they would be appropriate as research material. Depite the fonts and colours being bold and eye catching, the image of the model is still the centre of attention.
(I love the concept of these mags; extremly cute and a bit quirky!)
To an extent,We could argue that music magazines are also about the fashion of the band/ singer. The image of celebrities influences their fans most of the time; therefore by showing what the celebrity wears and what their intrests are of, the more chance the magazine will sell. Music magazines in asia (such as my examples above) often focus on the singer’s image. As my music magazine is inspired by the cultural expanding genre ‘J pop’, short for Japanese pop music, it would be sensible to follow commercial designs of the japanese magazine in order to appeal to my target market. However i do intend to add some elements of the UK commercial design as my model is of british ethnicity; therefore also appealing to the UK.


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